3 Ways to Incorporate Your Restaurant Website into Your Customer's Experience

Building a website for your restaurant is one thing. Getting people to use it is a whole other ball game. That’s why you need to give prospective diners and loyal fans a reason to head to your website.

Here are three ways to drive more customers to your website:

1. Launch New Dishes on Your Website

Loyal customers come back to your restaurant all the time - especially when you’ve got something new on the menu that piques their interest. Constantly innovate and put new offerings on your website. Drive traffic to your site by listing your website in your menu.

2. Have Full Staff Bios

This proves especially true for smaller restos. If I have a positive experience with a server, or would like to send a quick note to the General Manager, I’ll check out your website. Put bios and pictures of all of your staff up so visitors can learn more about them.

3. Incorporate Social Media

Diners love to connect with you through services they already use. Make sure your social media icons and links are prominently displayed on your website. Plus, make sure you keep them updated!

The bottom line: Add content to your website that entices diners to go there. If you’re stuck for what to put up, just ask! Customers are almost always willing to voice their opinion.