5 Strategies to Help Google Find Your Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for restaurants. This week, I'll briefly cover five strategies you can use to help Google find your restaurant. Who doesn't love free knowledge? Here we go:

1. Page Titles

Page titles are key for optimization. They are the blue links in Google results. A great example of a page title would be: YourRestaurant | Location, VT's Best Cuban Restaurant. This way you get your company name in, location, and kind of food. Think about what people would search for and add that to your title tag. Make sure it's less than 60 characters and different for every page on your site.

2. Page Descriptions

Page descriptions are below title tags and help tell Google what your page is all about - they more or less “describe the page”. These should be no more than 160 characters and include a keyword. Keeping with the example above, here’s an example:

“YourRestaurant is known for cuban sandwiches. Slow-cooked pork belly over house-made pickles and coleslaw. Get yours today!”

3. Keywords on Every Page

Keywords are search terms you would like to show up in Google for. When you’re writing content for your restaurant website, include a keyword every 100 words. On some pages, it may be hard to do that, but rule number one is sound authentic. Don’t sacrifice your voice just for search engine rankings.

4. Get on Review Sites (local and mainstream)

Chances are, you’re already on Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Google+ Local, and your local paper’s dining guide. If you aren’t go ahead and put your restaurant up there! These review sites not only serve as feedback resources for your restaurant, but they link back to your website. The more links back to your site the better.

5. Start a Blog

Restaurants have so much to blog about: new dishes, new employees, special events, live music, etc. More importantly, all of this content is important to Google. Google loves fresh, new content. The more you can blog the better!

So there you have it - five quick tips to get your SEO started. If you need help, the crew at Fourtopper is well versed in optimizing restaurant websites.