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  • Pictures are Worth $1,000 - Add Them to Your Menu

    Doesn't this look delicious? It's from - the greatest site on the planet. I'm using it to illustrate that pictures (most definitely of food) make people hungry - or at least develop crave-tastic feelings of want. 

    Get Pictures Taken of Your Food

    Hire a photographer for a couple hundred bucks make up some of your favorite dishes and get some delectable pics taken - maybe even some candid shots of the kitch

  • [Infographic] 4 People Who Shouldn't Build Your Restaurant Website


  • [Infographic] Websites for Restaurants & More Stats

    The web has been playing a role in how many restaurants are attracting customers. Read on to discover stats about online marketing and how impacts your restaurant.

    You've probably noticed that it's 6x harder to attract new customers than please loyal ones. So, how do you please the new customers coming to your website? Here are a couple of stats to keep in mind:

    • 64% of restaurant owners are using internet marketing because of increased exposure and profitabilit
  • Three Ways to Make Yelp Reviews Work for Your Restaurant

    Yelp is one the most used business review websites in the world. It's used to review car shops and hair salons, but it's best known for restaurant reviews. Many locations get reviews when they're just starting out, then several trickle in as you get into your first couple years of business.

    So, how do you take advantage of Yelp and receive five-star status? Here are three ways to make Yelp work for your restaurant:

    1. Encourage Mo

  • Simple Restaurant Marketing: Make Your Hours Easily Visible

    Your hours. An often overlooked piece of information. Many restaurants post their hours online, but when I'm standing in-front of your door, I want to know when you open the next morning - or, are you just open for dinner?

    In two seconds, I want to know.

    The challenge is a lot of restaurants don't like to make their hours visible right smack on the door because it obstructs the view of someone looking through - or it's not fancy to have yo

  • Moment of Truth - How to Spot Them and What To Do

    I learned about moments of truth in my Operations Management class in college. They have stuck with me throughout my marketing career.

    What is a moment of truth?

    A moment of truth is usually defined as an instance wherein the customer and the organization come into contact with one another in a manner that gives the customer an opportunity to either form or change an impression about the firm. (source)

    How do they apply to your restaurant

  • How to Write Effective Food Copy - With Examples!

    Writing. Not everyone is good at it. Some people love to do it - some hate it. When it comes to your restaurant website, your copy can mean the difference between no reservations and a packed house. Let's look at an example. Which dish would you pick?

    Dish A: Strip Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus


    Dish B: Marinated strip steak seared over a wood-fired grill is served with fresh garlic red-skinned mashed pot

  • Does Your Restaurant Offer Classes? Three Reasons Why You Should

    Class is in session! Thought you'd never hear that again, right? I'm not talking about grade school, however. I'm talking about your own restaurant classes.

    Many people are looking to get closer to their food. They want to learn how to prepare restaurant quality meals at home. According to CBSNews, 43 percent of families cook six or seven nights per week (source). Not only does this force your restaurant t