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  • Three Ways Your Restaurant Can Help Out this 4th of July

    Fireworks, Backyard BBQs, Parades, and a boat load of red, white, and blue. Welcome to 4th of July! In a few short weeks, we'll be celebrating this nation's independence. Is your restaurant ready?

    Many eateries close down for 4th of July. I don't blame them. Everyone is all about the backyard BBQ - burgers, dogs, sausages, and tons of sides.

    Even though BBQ's are happening everywhere, people still need an arsenal of eats. Here's how your restaurant can

  • Three Cool Free Tools for Social Media Restaurant Marketing

    We've heard it a lot from you: social media is a pain in the butt. Today, we want to give you access to some neat tools you can use to manage your communities a whole lot easier.

    1. Buffer

    Buffer is like an automatic dispensary of articles. Find everything you want to share on the internet, throw it into Buffer, and it'll automatically post the content for you at random times throughout the day.


  • How to Create a Marketing Plan for Your Restaurant

    Launching a new restaurant? Want to figure out how to get more customers busting down your door for the lunchtime rush?

    That's where a marketing plan for your restaurant comes in.

    But when you're menu planning, cooking, scheduling employees, and working with suppliers, it's impossible to find time and resources to devote to a well-thought out plan.

    That's why we made it simple for you: answer a couple of questions and build a team

  • How to Get More Interaction from Your Restaurant's Facebook Fans

    I'm sure this has happened to you before: You post what you think is the greatest status update of all time on Facebook and expect wild fan-fair: tons of likes, comments, and shares.

    Unfortunately those "viral" posts don't happen too often. And they tend to involve cats, funny babies, and animated gifs.

    What are you supposed to do to get all of this activity?

    Tell your visitors to "like" your post or "comment below". This s

  • Tweet Tweet! Use Twitter to Connect with Your Restaurant's Fans

    Twitter is probably the web's most elusive social network. There are plenty of spam accounts, ghost-tweeters, and inactive users.

    Cutting out the junk and using twitter for your restaurant isn't too hard. Here’s what you can do to start connecting (and sifting through the fluff):

    1. Tweet Pictures

    Post pics of your staff getting ready for service, tonight’s special, or what you’re doing on your weekend. These examples make your re