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  • The Growth of the Mini Dessert

    We decided to have a little fun with this post. I want to talk about dessert because it’s so amazingly delicious.

    Over the past several months - maybe even the year - the dessert world has undergone a shift from huge desserts (which still exist) to mini desserts.

    While the office occasional

  • 3 Ways to Incorporate Your Restaurant Website into Your Customer's Experience

    Building a website for your restaurant is one thing. Getting people to use it is a whole other ball game. That’s why you need to give prospective diners and loyal fans a reason to head to your website.

    Here are three ways to drive more customers to your website:

    1. Launch New Dishes on Your Website

    Loyal customers come back to your restaurant all the time - especially when you’ve got something new on the menu that piques their interest. Constantly

  • Should Restaurant Owners Worry About SEO? Absolutely - and Here's Why

    As we mentioned to you several weeks ago, consumers are increasingly using the internet to find your restaurant. Take these recent stats from AIS Media for example:

    • 89% percent of consumers say they have researched a restaurant online before dining there.
    • Of those 89% of consumers, 57% indicated that prior to selecting a restaurant they view the restaurant's Web site.
    • 33% view other consumer's reviews online prior to dining. (AIS Media)
  • 5 Strategies to Help Google Find Your Restaurant

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for restaurants. This week, I'll briefly cover five strategies you can use to help Google find your restaurant. Who doesn't love free knowledge? Here we go:

    1. Page Titles

    Page titles are key for optimization. They are the blue links in Google results. A great example of a page title would be: YourRestaurant | Location, VT's Best Cuban Restaurant. This way you get your com