Does Your Restaurant Offer Classes? Three Reasons Why You Should

Class is in session! Thought you'd never hear that again, right? I'm not talking about grade school, however. I'm talking about your own restaurant classes.

Many people are looking to get closer to their food. They want to learn how to prepare restaurant quality meals at home. According to CBSNews, 43 percent of families cook six or seven nights per week (source). Not only does this force your restaurant to be creative in it’s offerings, but you’re competing with a lifestyle of at-home cooks.

So how do you get home cooks into your restaurants? Start teaching classes! You might not be the best instructor, but someone else on staff may jump at the opportunity. Here are three more reasons you should consider a culinary curriculum:

1. Easy Money

Cooking classes cost anywhere from $50 to $200 a head. For many restaurants, that’s more than table service. Get 8-10 people in your kitchen, and you’ve made $500. Hold class once a week? That's $26,000/year to do what you love.

2. Community

Every cooking class brings people together. You’ll often find mothers and daughters taking the class together, co-workers from the office up the road, etc. It gets people involved and cooking - what more could you ask for?

3. Creativity

Classes allow you to break out of your menu rut. Teach how to cook a dish that isn’t normally found on your menu - or better yet, bake those signature brownies. Listen to your customers. See what they want to learn and adapt from there.

So, when is your first class?