Don't Ignore Your Single Customers - Make them a part of Valentine's Day

Singles Awareness Day - S.A.D. for short. Itís what many single people call Valentineís Day - a day associated with roses, boxes of store-bought chocolate, and lovey-dovey Hallmark cards. And oh yeah - the romantic dinner for two at Chez Loveshack. The majority of restaurants cater to couples on Valentineís Day - the price-fix menus, the romantic lighting, and the filet mignon on special. We say no more! Itís time to market to the single people of the world! Bring in more business - and potentially some media attention - by advertising a special for single people. Itís daring attempts like this that land you PR supremacy. Here are three ideas to get your lonely libationists out of their houses on V-day:

1. Hold a Speed-Dating Event

You may think speed-dating is so 1997, but weíve seen a couple of events pop-up recently. Send out a press release promoting the event and use social media to drum up attendees. Put your two-top tables together, set a timer for five minutes, and start chatting!

2. Create a Kraft Singleís Special (we couldnít resist the pun)

We know youíre food is better than a slice of American cheese. Create a flyiní-solo special. What if a single guy wants a filet? Just give it to the man!

3. Get Creative With Drink Specials

For some reason, single people who lament on love-day like to partake in liquored libations. Add a dark & stormy to your menu, a pink martini, a White Russian - or maybe whiskey on the rocks for the classy singles crowd. Itís your bar! Look past the traditional avenues of getting more customers through the door and think outside of the chocolate box.