Five Post Ideas to Boost Your Restaurant Blog's Readership

Have a blog? When was the last time you posted an update? Blogs are one of the best tools to create fresh content for your restaurant website. Plus, Google eats up fresh content for breakfast - all day, every day. They love it. I understand that sometimes it’s near impossible to update your blog with everything else going on. Today, I thought I’d get your brain bouncing with a couple of post ideas:

1. Staff Member of the Month

Come up with a quick five-question bio, snap a picture and make it a blog post. Rotate through the staff so everyone gets their five minutes of fame.

2. Kitchen Creativity

Posts that show your kitchen crew playing with pizza dough to make a turtle or working on a super-secret side dish would definitely engage your readers.

3. Answer a FAQ

Your customers probably ask the same questions all the time. Take this opportunity to answer some of those questions on your blog.

4. Awesome Customer Stories

There may be a couple who has come to your restaurant for every wedding anniversary or tourists who have travelled to every state. Encourage your staff to write these stories on your blog!

5. Company Updates!

Post about your new menu items, restaurant renovation (people love reno pics!), or staff parties. Your readers like to see progress, so show it to ‘em! Your blog posts can be anything. It ultimately comes down to providing value for your readers. Change your perspective from “What should I write?” to “What do my readers want?” and see what happens! Here’s to launching an incredible restaurant blog!