Four Ways to Attract Tourists to Your Restaurant

It's that time of year again - summer vacation and the big 4th of July travel weekend.We're in the thick of long beach weekends, national park hikes, and cross-country road trips. Heck, you may even be on vacation! (If you are, we're totally jealous).

Summer vacation brings a whole new customer base to town. These people are ready to spend money. Now, does that mean you should raise your prices? No, but you could get creative in attracting these beach-goers into your foodie palace. Here’s how:

1. Partner with B&B's and Hotels in the Area

You may already be doing this, but some restaurants tend to overlook it. Area lodging establishments get thousands of people a year to stay in their rooms. And guests always ask for dining recommendations. Get yourself on the shortlist by inviting members of the hotel staff in for dinner so they can experience your restaurant first-hand.

2. Use Local Flavors in Your Specials

Many tourists enjoy trying new flavors and experiencing the cuisine of a region. If you’re known for striped bass, make it a special during the summer. Live in the maple syrup capital of America like we do? Put it in a signature dish, dessert, or cocktail.

3. Ample Parking

Make sure you’ve got a place for guests to park during the busy summer season - or valet parking would be even better. No one wants to get upset over finding a parking spot.

4. Get Your Website Optimized for Search

Before heading to their final destination, tourists search online to find things to do, places to go, and restaurants to dine at. While traveling, 43% of consumers used a search engine to find restaurants. Optimize your website with location-specific pages to increase your search engine ranking.

So there you have it - four ways to bring in more tourists. What has worked for your restaurant?