Get Your Servers to Sell in Three Easy Steps

Servers are the front line in any restaurant. They deal directly with customers, handle complaints, take praise, and facilitate the entire transaction. You could almost call them customer support representatives.

But how do you turn them into money-making machines?

Here's a simple three step process:

1. Education

Many servers may not know where the opportunity to upsell or cross-sell lies. Let them know in the very beginning so can practice on tables asap. Or, they may not know a lot about wine. Drinks and spirits are a great place to increase the bottom line on the bill. Bring in a local wine enthusiast or pay for a class.

2. Motivation

Servers aren’t going to change unless they’re compensated for it. And compensation doesn’t necessarily mean money. It could be a free meal, the day off, etc. But, make sure your staff is motivated by something so they’ll keep working towards the end goal - more revenue for your restaurant.

3. Evaluation

Now that you’ve tried something different to boost results, how did it go? You need to evaluate the effort. If it didn’t work well, have a conversation with your staff about what you could do better next time. Plus, ask if they have any ideas on how to increase their revenue per table, since it directly correlates to the tips they get.

Keeping your staff motivated to achieve a goal is always a tough proposition. Hopefully these three tips put you on the fast track to having awesome servers.