Guerilla Restaurant Marketing Idea: Free Hot Chocolate (or Cider)

You may have palm trees where you are (and we’re jealous), but much of the nation is in a deep-freeze this time of year - and some of us even have snow! This means we’re likely not going to see a day above 30 degrees for a good three or four months. Cold temps mean cold fingers. Get holiday shoppers into your restaurant with free hot chocolate or cider. Warm their hands up and plaster your restaurant’s brand all over creation. Get printed cups with your logo, set up a small stand outside and start slinging the hot stuff.

How does this benefit your restaurant?

1. Your restaurant gets a positive reputation for helping the community 2. Your brand is seen by hundreds of people on the paper cups - they’ll remember to come back when they’re hungry 3. Plus, it’s just a nice thing to do! Get off your computer, grab a cambro, and serve it up. Remember your hat and gloves!