How to Answer the Question "What Do You Recommend?"

You get this question all of the time: “What do you recommend?” It plagues servers everywhere. They have a go-to-dish to answer the question and move on, but maybe there’s more to it. Here’s our thoughts: Why do people ask this? It’s a natural objection. When a consumer is faced with something they haven’t experienced (like going to a new restaurant), they object to the menu. They want to mitigate risk. To do so, they ask someone with experience (your servers) what they recommend. If it’s the Chicken Milanese they recommend, then that dish comes with social proof that it’s good. The consumer is more likely to select a dish your server recommends. This also happens when they’re trying to choose between two dishes on the menu.

How can your servers best prepare?

There are many ways you can best prepare your team to tackle this frequently asked questions. Here are a couple of steps to take: 1. Get your servers to taste everything on the menu 2. Have them find their favorites and why 3. Get them to ask questions - what are you looking for? Do you like meat, pasta, etc? 4. Always have a smile on :) It’s best to have a plan of action when you get a frequently asked question. What other questions do you get a lot and how do you handle them?