How to Get More Interaction from Your Restaurant's Facebook Fans

I'm sure this has happened to you before: You post what you think is the greatest status update of all time on Facebook and expect wild fan-fair: tons of likes, comments, and shares.

Unfortunately those "viral" posts don't happen too often. And they tend to involve cats, funny babies, and animated gifs.

What are you supposed to do to get all of this activity?

Tell your visitors to "like" your post or "comment below". This simple tactic gets users to do something. Instead of posting "Check out this awesome pastry" you could change it to "Like this post if you want a piece of this flourless chocolate cake." Simply put, you get more likes.

Why do you want more likes and interaction? Because, with Facebook’s recent updates, likes and comments on company pages are showing up in newsfeeds. This means non-fans of your brand get exposed to your restaurant. You can check the stats of each post. Generally, there’s a correlation between interaction and exposure.

Bonus Tip: Try switching up the times of your posts. Posts at 5:00pm Friday aren’t going to get any attention (for obvious reasons), but if you post at 8:45 pm on Tuesday, when most Facebook users are browsing, you’ll probably get some likes.