How to Keep Your Restaurantís Twitter Account Active

Hashtags, mentions, and retweets. These words are common vocabulary surrounding Twitter, a social network used by over 140 million people in the US (source). Twitter is a place for people to post their thoughts, questions, and pictures. Your restaurant can use Twitter, too. Starting an account is the easy part - just go to and sign up. Keeping the interaction up and running is the hard part. The last thing you want is a dying social media account. So how do you keep it alive? Tweet Daily specials: Often times, there are hashtags that look like this (#hashtag) for area lunch specials. For example, here in Burlington, VT, a quick search for #btvlunch yields todayís lunch specials. Retweet Your Followerís Testimonials: Your customerís love when their favorite restaurants acknowledge their love for your grub. Show Your Food: You live in America. We love food. Post the pride and joy of your six burner stove to Twitter. Watch the Retweetís and ďHoly YumísĒ roll in. Display Candid Pictures of Your Staff: We all know you have fun getting ready for dinner service. Show your sous chef preparing green peppers or your hostess smiling and ready to take a reservation. Tweet it! Ask For Help: You canít imagine adding another thing to your to-do list. Delegate your social media to a member of your staff. Let them take control of a task. It frees you up to do what you need to do, and letís your employee have fun with social media.