How to Kick Up Your Dining Experience During the Holidays

It’s time for some super-duper holiday cheer! We’ve certainly hit that time of year where the snow is starting to coat the roads, neighbors find themselves in heated Christmas light battles, and Frosty the Snowman ends up on every five-year-old child’s lawn in America. But, it’s also the time we head out to thriving retail metropolis’ to complete our holiday shopping. After you get through long lines, impatient store clerks, and aisles of impulse buys, you’re starving! Where are you going to eat? There’s tons of places around malls, so how is your restaurant stepping up its holiday game to give guests holiday cheer?

Here are three ways you can make your customers say “Ho Ho Ho” instead of “No No No”:

1. Hold Holiday Fundraisers For Local Charities

Sure, this means more cash out of your customer’s pocket, but when they know you’re donating 10% of sales to a local charity, they may actually get an app and a cocktail.

2. Give Your Tables a Holiday Gift

It happens at practically every Chinese Buffet during the holidays. You finish your meal and your server presents you with a fold-out calendar for the following year (the calendar usually ends up in the free bin), but it’s an extra bonus for dining at the buffet. A restaurant near our headquarters makes homemade chocolate mints - even if you don’t order dessert. Get your team together and brainstorm what you could give out this holiday season.

3. Deliver Exceptional Service

You’ve been in restaurants where the service is impeccable. Deliver the same impeccable service in your restaurant - not just during the holidays, but all year-round. Because your patrons are oozing with holiday cheer, they’re more likely to give their server a big tip. There you have it - three easy ways to deliver a top-notch customer experience. How do you step up your holiday game?