How to Make Your Restaurant Kid-Friendly

In the spirit of a recent post on how to attract summer tourists, I'd thought we'd continue to address an often overlooked customer: kids!

When families go on vacation they often bring their kids along. For some, it's chaotic but for others it's great family-bonding time. Are the kids held to the same regard as their parents?

Sometimes it's tough to please kids when you don't exactly have the best kid-friendly options on the menu or they're upset. Here are a couple of ideas we have to turnt pint-size customers into smiling children:

1. Give Kids Something to Do

When I was a kid, waiting for food felt like eternity. Help kids pass the time by givingn them something to do: color with crayons, play a table-top game, or work their way through a maze on the kid’s menu.

2. Train Staff to Handle Kids

Not every server is going to be amazing with children - not unless they’ve had training. Teach your staff how to handle kids in their rare moments and they’ll make sure the kids - and the parents - have a wonderful time.

3. Create Fun Food

Remember Mickey Mouse pancakes? They were way cooler than regular pancakes! Inject some fun into your kid’s menu. For example, take a regular PB&J sandwich and make it a circle or serve up some ants on a log. Get creative!

What tips and tricks do you have to create a kid-friendly restaurant?