How to Use Your Receipt to Get Customers Coming Back

Receipts are often thought of as scraps of paper. They’re either shoved in a customer’s back pocket or wallet, or discarded.

So, how do you make receipts useful so customers don’t toss them immediately?

1. Use your receipt to link to a survey

A lot of big-box retailers do this - they have their staff point out a feedback survey on the bottom of the receipt. If you give feedback, they’ll enter you to win a shiny gift card or a free meal. Create a survey using a free survey tool, and link to it.

2. Put a coupon on your receipt

Have you seen the show on TLC called Extreme Couponers. I get sucked into it a lot. These people stock their basements like they’re preparing for the apocalypse...but they’re not. It’s proof we LOVE coupons, so throw one on the bottom of your receipt to encourage repeat business.

3. Have Your Staff Handwrite Notes

I love a hand-written “Thanks! :)” on any receipt - especially restaurants. I tend to tip higher, too. It’s a small personal connection your server can make with their guests. With digital receipts popping up, the paper receipt is fading fast. If you still use them, try one of these techniques so you’re restaurant isn’t simply handing out a piece of paper at the end of the meal.