How to Write Effective Food Copy - With Examples!

Writing. Not everyone is good at it. Some people love to do it - some hate it. When it comes to your restaurant website, your copy can mean the difference between no reservations and a packed house. Let's look at an example. Which dish would you pick?

Dish A: Strip Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus


Dish B: Marinated strip steak seared over a wood-fired grill is served with fresh garlic red-skinned mashed potatoes and grilled lemon asparagus topped with aged parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Obviously Dish B. Why? Because it's got adjectives - great descriptors. (Read more about using adjectives in menu writing)

It's great to read seductive food writing, but writing is hard. For some, words don't magically appear on the page (wouldn't that be sweet?). Get your word-flow going by simply writing and reading more. Discover how other restaurants do it and read blogs. We’ve compiled a list of three top menu writing resources we love for their delectable dictations:

From those three resources, it makes it seem like restaurant menu items is all about psychology. That's because it it. You have to convince someone they want something. Through copy, that’s totally possible. Also, remember it’s never perfect on the first shot, so sleep it off and re-read what you wrote the next day.

Best of luck with your menu writing.