How Your Restaurant Can Give Back This Holiday Season

Unless youíre Scrooge, chances are youíve been in the holiday spirit for several weeks now. Continue the holiday cheer by giving back to your community (and not just because itís a tax write-off). Hereís one effort weíd love to see a restaurantís take on this holiday season:

Dish Out Free Soup to the Less Fortunate

Soup is the epitome of community. It simmers for hours, while you spend time with family, friends, and loved ones reminiscing about the good olí days. Itís top of our list, here at Fourtopper. Some people are unable to experience the feeling of community when they need it most. Thatís where you come in. Open your doors for a special Sunday afternoon. Grab some staff, your famous family recipe and start cooking. Make sure to send out a press release to news outlets and local non-profits who assist those less fortunate. Youíll have a line out the door....and a smile on your face.