Is Your Restaurant Open for Thanksgiving? Why it Should Be.

Who doesnít love Thanksgiving? The smell of turkey wafts through the air, family you havenít seen in years surround your dining room table, and crisp fall air makes it a tad bit nippy outside. The standard Thanksgiving means LOTS of food. (Remember the epic Turkey knock-out of 2009?) Unfortunately,many people hate to cook. Itís just not at the top of their list of awesome things they love to do. Entice those hate-to-cook customers with a Thanksgiving offer they canít refuse.

Here are two ideas to chow down on:

1. Open your doors for a Price-Fixed Menu: Cook up a full-spread. Charge a flat-rate per person and have it. Itíll be four-thousand times better than anything a bad cook could come up with. Plus, itíll be a money maker. Throw an ad in the paper and place it on your website. Your restaurant will be packed in no time. 2. Turkey-Day: Take-Out Style Make your customerís Thanksgiving feast that much more special by selling your homemade cranberry sauce, or your Grandmotherís Parker House rolls. The bakery in town, On the Rise, sells their pies, rolls, and other baked goods. And yes, they make a killing in our small town of 4,000 people. And there are plenty more. How do you turn your restaurant into a Thanksgiving haven for your customers?