New Restaurant? Establish Yourself on These Three Social Networks

Fourtopper is headquartered just outside Burlington, VT. Even though itís a town of 60,000 people, a new restaurant opens every month. And of course, the entire office has to try it out! This got me thinking about how social media impacts a new restaurantís opening - plus what networks are vital to a restaurantís success. After brainstorming, here are my top three social networks to hop on to and why:

1. Facebook

Every business, regardless of what they sell, is on Facebook. You have to be. Over one billion (yes - thatís a b) people actively use Facebook every month. For restaurants, itís awesome to build awareness online before you launch. If I ďlikeĒ your restaurant, it shows up on my timeline. When it shows up on my timeline, hundreds of my friends see it. If theyíre local, theyíll like it too. All of a sudden, youíve built hundreds of likes and you havenít even opened the doors. Go create a Facebook page now!

2. Twitter

For restaurants, understanding twitter is essential to driving new customers through your door. One simple tweet with your locationís hashtags could get you noticed. For example, Burlingtonís hashtag is #btv. Portland, Oregonís is #pdx - the airport codes tend to be the best bet. Some locations have taken to twitter to spawn new efforts like #btvlunch for the working crowd. It answers the question ďWhat the heck should I get for lunch?Ē and area restaurantís tweet out their specials. Brilliant. Create a Twitter account

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the new kid on the block. Itís mainly known for recipes, DIY projects, inspirational quotes, and home decor, but your restaurant should have a pinterest account, too. Why? Because people are visual. They scroll through pictures of food like itís their part-time job. Iím definitely guilty of it. What should you pin? Pics of your menu items, possible new recipes, restaurant decor, your favorite quotes - really anything. It makes you human and youíll get followers, just by posting a link on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which you should have by now! Get a Pinterest account. So, thereís three social media accounts I would recommend. Of course there are more, but itís pointless to manage a boat-load of accounts when your customers arenít even there. Bottom line - give them a shot. If they donít work for you, ditch Ďem.