Pictures are Worth $1,000 - Add Them to Your Menu

Doesn't this look delicious? It's from - the greatest site on the planet. I'm using it to illustrate that pictures (most definitely of food) make people hungry - or at least develop crave-tastic feelings of want. 

Get Pictures Taken of Your Food

Hire a photographer for a couple hundred bucks make up some of your favorite dishes and get some delectable pics taken - maybe even some candid shots of the kitchen staff preparing the eats.

Use the pics everywhere

Put your pictures on our restaurant website, tweet them, post them to Facebook. Give a nod to the photographer, too - they'll definitely appreciate the shout-out.

And Add Them to Your Menu!

Almost every large chain does this - they create an incredibly visual menu with large, lick-the-page pictures. I'm amazed at the number of restos that don’t include pictures. Snapshots of what a customer is ordering reduces risk - they know what they're getting, plus it drives sales of the item you're featuring. Have you added pictures to your menu? How have customers reacted to the changes? Let us know in the comments below!