Simple Restaurant Marketing: Make Your Hours Easily Visible

Your hours. An often overlooked piece of information. Many restaurants post their hours online, but when I'm standing in-front of your door, I want to know when you open the next morning - or, are you just open for dinner?

In two seconds, I want to know.

The challenge is a lot of restaurants don't like to make their hours visible right smack on the door because it obstructs the view of someone looking through - or it's not fancy to have your hours posted. I've even seen hours posted on the bottom right-hand corner of a front-door before. Craziness.

So, what's the solution to the hours dilemma?

Incorporate them into your branding. Use the same colors and fonts as your restaurant logo and put them on your door - or the window pane next to it. If you are worried about the look and feel of your restaurant, get your hours engraved into a nice plaque or piece of mahogany.

Posting your hours in an easy-to-find spot is simple restaurant marketing. It creates a positive customer experience - rather than a frustrating one.

Where are your restaurant hour posted?