The Psychology Behind Restaurant Patrons

Do you play the latest pop hits in your restaurant? Or, do you keep it classical and laid-back? It turns out, the music you play in your restaurant makes a big difference in how long your customers stay - plus, how much they spend. Plus, as we researched this morning, one link after another, we found other interesting restaurant psychology we’ll share with you below.

Here’s what we found:

  • Individuals tended to stay longer when listening to the slow music compared to the fast music. The additional time did not result in any greater expenditures on food but did lead to an increase in the amount spent on drinks. No surveys were administered so it is not known whether the restaurant patrons were aware that they were spending more time or not. (Milliman’s 1982 Study)
  • Fine Dining vs. Fast Food - Where do patrons eat more?
  • Gallup reported that most customers will spend an average of 109 seconds reading a menu
  • Customers who received a small piece of chocolate along with the check tipped more than did customers who received no candy (study)
New studies are coming out all of the time, so we’ll be sure to keep you posted of customer psychology studies that impact your restaurant’s bottom line.