Three Ideas for 2012 Black Friday Deals

Americans have a love-hate relationship with Black Friday Sales. Some love to wake up at the crack of dawn to wait in line at WalMart. Others sleep in and catch the sales later in the day (We call that shopping like a normal human being). For restaurants this time day can be a boom for business. So, how do you get people in your restaurant, shopping bags in tow? You know they donít want leftover turkey sandwiches. Here are three ways you can make the register ring this Black Friday:

1. Open at Midnight, Just like the stores

For the past few years, retailers have had the crazy idea to stay open through the night. You should too, , just for the simple fact that as Americans we enjoy eating: anytime, anywhere, anything. Take advantage of it.

2. Shopping Locally? Get a percentage off your meal

You know how parking garages validate parking if you make a purchase in the mall? You should do it, too! Simply ask your guests to show their receipt from their Black Friday Bonanza and give them a discount.

3. Create a Black Friday Breakfast Special

We love breakfast. Pancakes, Sausage, Hash, or Eggs - whatever. And it must be smothered in Vermont Maple Syrup. Whatever way you slice it, Black Friday shoppers will be clamoring for breakfast bright and early. Open early, fire up the griddle, and put Dennyís to shame with your Ultimate Black Friday Banana Pancakes. There are a ton of ways to take advantage of strange cultural holidays, but itís how youíre going to set your restaurant apart from the rest on the block. What have you done on Black Friday to attract customers?