Three Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Website

Do you keep reading about changing technology? Restaurants are faced with new tools every day. From POS systems to inventory management software and reservation systems, itís overwhelming. Oh, and donít forget the web. It changes every minute. Just look at twitter, facebook, foursquare, Google+, and OpenTable. There are tons of marketing experts saying you need all of the tools listed above. What you really need are tools that benefit you. A restaurant website is a tool you canít ignore. Why? Because it helps drive new business through your doors. You want to flip more tables, right? Here are three other reasons your restaurant needs a permanent place on the web:
Itís How New Customers Find You
Gone are the days of the phone book. Your customers are using Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find the best places to grab grub.
Reputation Management
One bad review on the Yelp or your local newspaper tanks your restaurantís reputation. Be active online. Respond to reviews on your blog or the actual review site.
Retain Your Loyal Customers
The bread and butter of many restaurants is their loyal customers. Getting them to come back week after week requires consistent communication. Use the web to facilitate communication. Integrate your website, social media, and email marketing to keep your restaurant at the top of your customerís mind.