Three Seconds: The Amount of Time Your Restaurant Website Has to Keep Your Visitor

Three seconds. Itís all youíve got to pull your visitor in and keep them there. This means you need a clear, easy-to-navigate restaurant website. But, you donít want to sacrifice usability for a blatantly huge button on your homepage. Here are a couple of thoughts to ponder on what you want your visitor to do when they land on your restaurant websiteís homepage:

Do you want your visitor to:

  • View your daily specials
  • Check out your menu
  • Make a reservation
  • See your event calendar
  • Call for takeout
  • Learn about your restaurant
  • Meet the chef
These are just a few ideas. And you donít have to pick just one. You could have three objectives for your homepage, but one of them should stand out. Give it some thought - send your site to family members and friends to see what theyíre looking for on your website and adjust accordingly. Weíre here to help you if youíre looking to make a change on your website. Just give us a holler.