Three Steps to Launching a New Restaurant Marketing Campaign

In 2013, you have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf for your restaurant. That may mean an improved menu, †training to become a better manager, or as simple as purchasing new napkins. Regardless, one thing remains main constant: you want butts in seats. Without customers, youíre likely to struggle. Getting more customers means more marketing. More marketing may mean youíve got to try strategies you havenít tried before. That can make you nervous, but fear not. Here are three steps you should take before you launch your next brilliant marketing campaign:

1. Brainstorm With Your Team

Brainstorming is often discounted, in favor of a quick, actionable solution. Before you pull the trigger, get everyone together (even the servers and dishwasher) and brainstorm a list of how you could better market your restaurant. Brainstorming leaves you with a ton of ideas to implement throughout the year in a quick one-hour session. Donít be surprised if your dishwasher comes up with a money-maker!

2. Make it Measurable

Marketing is practically worthless if you canít measure the effectiveness of your campaign. How many people came through the doors because of your advertisement in the local paper? Did your coupon get a lot of response? Make sure your promotion is easily measured. Wasting your hard-earned money is the last thing you want to do.

3. Plan Out the Promotion

Just ďrunning with itĒ isnít going to result in a well-run promotion. Plan out a year-long promotional calendar. This helps you budget your marketing spend. Plus, you wonít find yourself stressed to flip tables when you have a plan in place. These are tips weíve found useful in our own marketing planning. How does your team come up with marketing ideas? Do you have a plan?