Three Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Appreciated

Itís the end of the year. Youíve got a final week of hustle before the books close on another fantastic year for your restaurant. How did it go? Did you do as well as you had hoped? Why did you absolutely crush it this year? You may have yourself at the top of the list, but really, it was a team effort. Your team made your restaurant successful. Make it known that your team means a whole heck of a lot to you. Sometimes, itís just what they need; a little morale booster. Here are three ways you can make your employees feel appreciated for the hard work they do:

1. Hold a New Yearís Bash

If youíre a work-hard play-hard manager, hold a private New Yearís bash for your staff and their family. Oh, and donít make your chef slave over the oven - get the event catered or make it a potluck.

2. Publicly Thank Them on Social Media and Your Restaurant Website

This is the easy one on the list. Write a blog post about what youíre team has done to make this year a great one. Share it on social media, too. Itíll show you care about the welfare of your team and appreciate all they do to make your restaurant run like a well-oiled machine.

3. Handwrite Personal Thank You Notes to Each Member of Your Staff

Receiving a handwritten thank you note (in the mail or in person) is exciting. Theyíre hard to come by these days! Take the time to sit down at your desk and write to every member of your staff. Think about how theyíve made an impact on the restaurant - and you - over the past year. The takeaway? Make your employees feel special.