Three Ways Your Restaurant Can Help Out this 4th of July

Fireworks, Backyard BBQs, Parades, and a boat load of red, white, and blue. Welcome to 4th of July! In a few short weeks, we'll be celebrating this nation's independence. Is your restaurant ready?

Many eateries close down for 4th of July. I don't blame them. Everyone is all about the backyard BBQ - burgers, dogs, sausages, and tons of sides.

Even though BBQ's are happening everywhere, people still need an arsenal of eats. Here's how your restaurant can make your customer's backyard booze fest one for the books:

1. House-Cured Meats

I don't know about you, but I love when restaurants house smoke meat - from pepperoni and sausage, to hot dogs made 100% on premises. Take advantage of your chef's talents and sell his/her wares for a premium price.

2. Side Dishes

If meat isn't your thing, the next best alternative is making killer side dishes: Broccoli slaw, fruit salad, cheese and cracker platters, etc. Sides often make the meal so don't neglect them!

3. Throw a Bash

No one  says you have to shut down on the 4th. If your restaurant is near the site of your city's fireworks display, open up your doors. Sell tickets to the event and have everything catered for pre-boom-boom eats. Many restaurants in Burlington, VT (our homebase) have awesome rooftop events before the fireworks get underway - and the tickets are highly coveted.

Start planning right now!