Tweet Tweet! Use Twitter to Connect with Your Restaurant's Fans

Twitter is probably the web's most elusive social network. There are plenty of spam accounts, ghost-tweeters, and inactive users.

Cutting out the junk and using twitter for your restaurant isn't too hard. Here’s what you can do to start connecting (and sifting through the fluff):

1. Tweet Pictures

Post pics of your staff getting ready for service, tonight’s special, or what you’re doing on your weekend. These examples make your restaurant experience more tangible. Use Instagram or your camera phone to snap a quick shot.

2. Retweet Accolades (and respond to nasty comments)

Consumers love when their tweets are retweeted. August First is a bakery in Burlington, VT. I get a scone weekly and almost always tweet about how friggin’ delicious they are. And they always respond. Keep in mind, you want to respond, retweet, or recognize both positive and negative tweets from customers.

3. Give Your Employees the Helm

When your staff is more than the number of fingers on your hands, it could be a good idea to outsource your twitter account to someone who probably knows a lot more about social media. They’ll like the autonomy and get creative - plus, they’ll interact with locals and nearby businesses. Who knows, you could pick up a catering gig or two.

There are tons of other strategies to tweet strategically, but these three are a great place to start. How do you connect with your followers on twitter?