What Your Patrons Want From Websites for Restaurants

When someone visits your restaurant website, what are they looking for? They sure arenít looking to draw circles with their mouse, or drool over pictures of your food (well, some people are), but they want information - and they want it fast.

Here are three tips on the content you need to make available to prospective diners of your restaurant:

1. Menu Will Uncle Jerry from out-of-town enjoy your restaurant? His sister, Marge, wants to know. I wonder what Iím going to get his time? Let me check the menu to select a delicious dish. Making your menu available online for your visitorís browsing pleasure is a smart move. One dish can make or break a prospective dinerís decision to select your establishment for that nightís meal. 2. Contact Information Where are you? †Can I make a reservation online? How late are you open? Putting contact information on your website, including a map with driving directions, makes it easy for out-of-town guests to get your place safely. Plus, online reservations means their table is ready when they walk through the door. 3. Deals Who doesnít love a good bargain? Things like burger night, daily specials, and printable coupons get locals and tourists through the doors - and coming back. Make coupons, discounts, and daily specials easy to find on your website. With a menu, contact information, and deals, youíll be steps ahead of the game with your restaurant website.