Why updating your menu is a great way to get more customers

How many times has your staff heard this classic line: “I’ll get what I always get”. It happens all the time. I’m guilty of doing it myself with a couple mom-and-pop restaurants in town. But, I do it with restaurants when the rest of the menu isn’t exciting. Updating your menu is no easy feat. You have to get your kitchen staff on board, the waitstaff has to memorize a brand-new menu, and it may take some customer education. But....... Updating your menu brings in more customers:

1. It gets people talking

When your menu gets updated, people talk. They tell their friends about the new pizza created by a server at the restaurant, the best salad on the planet, and how they really need to go try it out. A new menu creates buzz - even if it’s just a few items. Buzz = more people in the door = more money!

2. It gives your restaurant new life

Restaurants evolve. You’re probably not the same restaurant you were when your doors first opened. You’ve adapted to changes in taste, demographics of your location, and your customer’s demands. When change occurs, it breathes new life into your restaurant - especially for your staff.

3. It keeps your kitchen staff motivated

It’s tough to keep good talent at any restaurant - servers come and go, chefs move on, and the restaurant may even be sold. This makes keeping a solid team hard to accomplish. Give your kitchen staff free reign on the new menu - a chance to create dishes they’ve always wanted to. When morale is high, it translates into stellar service. Stellar service + a kitchen staff excited about the food they plate, and you’ve got a winning combination for extremely satisfied guests. Have you thought about updating your menu or have you updated your menu with wild fan-fare? Tell us about your experience!