Why You Need More Than a Phone Number on Your Restaurant's Website

Restaurant owners, having a simple phone number on your website, is no longer going to cut it. How are your customers going to know what your hours are, or what they’re going to grab at the office for lunch on Monday? Many websites for restaurants lack the right information. Don’t let prospective diners 86 your restaurant because of frustration.

Why Your Restaurant Website Should be Fully-Loaded

1. A website is an extension of your brand Your restaurant is brick and mortar. It’s a location set in stone with a dining room, kitchen, and waitstaff. Your website, however, is an extension of your brick and mortar location. What do you want your site to convey? Whatever that may be, it should match the experience your patrons receive in your restaurant. 2. Where’s Your Menu? I’m Hungry! Many diners like to browse the menu before they select a restaurant. Plus, they want to see if they’ll be able to afford it. Post your menu along. It’ll get visitors drooling and help make their decision of where they’ll dine. 3. Did You Have a Good Time at Restaurant X? When it comes to reviews, people believe they’re neighbors, friends, and family first. Having a place to compile reviews (whether from locals or press) boosts your restaurant’s credibility and may even shine a light on your signature dish. Your online branding should match the look and feel of your restaurant. You invested so much money into the decor, sweet mahogany bar, and top-notch eats. Why not convey that on your website, too?